About our firm

Our Managing Partner, Ed Augustine, is responsible for interviewing and selecting new clients  and coaching many of our most high profile clients. He is also responsible for coordinating with  our executive coaching partners who are assigned to work with some of our clients and on  specialized projects. Each of our coaching partners has at least 20 years of practical experience  in business and has received training and certification as an Executive Coach.

Ed has been a founding partner, managing partner, senior partner, equity and non-equity partner  in law, consulting firms and operating businesses for over 40 years. He has helped more than  500 individuals, groups, mature and emerging companies, community organizations, public  officials and business executives solve pressing business challenges through legal strategies,  negotiation, mediation, coaching and other problem solving techniques.

He has also worked as an advisor to the Mayor and/or City Manager of seven U.S. cities and  was a Special Assistant to Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young. 

Ed is certified as an Executive Coach by the Center For Executive Coaching and as a group facilitator by Vistage Worldwide. His education, background and experience in the public and  private sector is more fully described in his LinkedIn Profile.


"Ed has everything a leadership advisor should have, from experience to methods to the right credentials. I have seen him coach professionals on a variety of leadership challenges and he is able to guide executives and leaders to solutions and results. He does this with a calm focus and keen intellect, along with great listening skills. He gets to the root of pressing problems quickly, enables clients to develop a plan to address them in practical and efficient ways, and – simply put – gets results. If you seek a leadership advisor and executive coach with substance, training, and natural ability, you will be very glad you have worked with Ed."

~ Andrew Neitlich, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Executive Coaching, Author and Executive Coach